What are Book Drops?

The virtual world Creakle Library holds books that members are willing to share with other members but are not yet at a Creakle Book Drop...

The books remain in the possession of their owner either until another member requests to borrow it or it is already in circulation ie. already borrowed from a Creakle Book Drop.

The real world Creakle Library is where businesses, cafe owners, pubs, social spaces, places of worship, Community spaces etc; have agreed to become Creakle Book Drops for the repository of members donated books...
Book Drops are nominated by Creakle members.

Members may borrow books freely from the Creakle Library at any time, read them without any time stipulation and either return the book to the Creakle Book Drop they took it from or drop it at another existing Creakle Book Drop elsewhere...

Travelling provides links with other similarly minded people and it's fun to pick up books from an entirely different place or alternatively ask a friend, living in another area, to consider asking a business to become a Creakle Book Drop in their own area and use the book as part of their first inventory.

There isn't a time limit on how long a member may keep books in circulation just as long as they register that they have it on the website. Honesty is the key to maintaining the Library.

Books can be donated to a Creakle Book Drop as often as members choose but must not exceed the number of books that the Creakle Book Drop owners have agreed to...
Maximum quantities are stipulated by the owners on the individual Creakle Book Drops info page on the website.

We encourage multiple Creakle Book Drops within every community. Potential Creakle Book Drops can decide to stock a specific genre or a wider array of books...

Our aim is to create a total community activity whilst not being the least onerous for the individual Creakle Book Drop owner.

How does it work?

Creakle Book Drops are the key to borrowing books.

Members may nominate a potential Creakle Book Drop by either asking a proprietor verbally and offering them a request form (downloaded from the Creakle website in "Downloads") to help them consider the opportunity - there are many business benefits.

Alternatively... a member may add the proprietor's details to www.creakle.com website in "Book Drops" where their entry will remain pending - visible but not able to be used, until we contact the proprietor via email to request their consideration and inform them of the potential benefits, on their agreement the Creakle Book Drop then becomes open.

We strongly encourage members to ask potential Creakle Book Drops to consider the benefits of a community based library which can exist in multiple places within a neighbourhood. They can decide how many books they can accommodate and are under no obligation to do anything else other than provide a small space and put up the advertising posters (available to download on the website).

Members may facilitate the books in a Creakle Book Drop via the website and maintain the stock of books, up to its maximum - if they so wish.

How do I get involved?

Creakle membership is totally FREE and entitles members to borrow and add books to the library at any time. Members may start by cataloguing their books on their own bookshelves using the Creakle APP... It's fun and a quick way to know where and how many books you have - you may find some surprising patterns emerge - we did!

Members may then decide to share some of their books in the library. Adding Books to The Creakle Library is simple, just a few easy steps. Once they are labelled, books may be taken to a Creakle Book Drop of choice...

Alternatively the books may remain on a members bookshelf until someone requests to borrow it. It can then be taken to your local Creakle Book Drop for collection - NEVER INVITE ANYONE TO YOUR OWN HOME TO COLLECT A BOOK AND AVOID MEETING ANYONE TO HAND OVER A BOOK IN PERSON, EVEN IN A PUBLIC PLACE.

How do the Creakle Book Drops maintain a full inventory of books?

The objective of the Creakle Library is to build a network across the world, so that all types and genres of books are readily available for people who may or may not have a ready access to books but wish to be able to borrow them, keeping books accessible for anyone, anywhere...

The Creakle Book Drop owners set the quantity and genres (all or specific) of books, whichever suits their business model.

The members in the neighbourhood will be notified when stock levels starts to decrease and are requested to add books to the book drops, either themselves from books awaiting despatch from their own bookshelves or by encouraging other people in the area to join the Creakle Library and add their own books.

How will I know where my book is once it has left the Book Drop?

You will be able to follow your book once the member who has borrowed it registers it as loaned on the Creakle website...

You will not know precisely who they are or where they are, only a restricted level of information is available to you, but you will be able to follow its journey as it goes from borrower to borrower.

You are able to leave notes in the comment box for other readers and read their notes too, use the social media page and create reading groups all within the website. Satisfaction is knowing that your book has added something to the literary experience of fellow members.

Please Note: Once a book has left your possession it is unlikely to return to you so do not expect to see it again.

There is a risk that it may be taken by someone who does not log on to register it but if you have adhered the nameplate and the labels to the inside and the outside of the cover and use the printed labels randomly on several pages or alternatively if you do not have a printer you may write the identity number plus www.creakle.com throughout the book, it may quite possibly find its way back into the library at some future date, at which point you will be notified.

Borrowing and Lending Children's books.

We only allow Creakle Book Drops specifically set up for Children's books to be established within the confines of a BONE FIDE school at this stage.

And Finally...

Please read our terms and conditions carefully. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT...

As with many community based systems, we rely on honesty, which lies at the heart of every community, to ensure the continued existence of the Creakle Library for the benefit of every member worldwide.