Frequently asked questions

Q. Where can I find a book I've sent on a journey on the Creakle Library website?

A. Click into "My Creakle" and view all your books in "Last Activity". Your book will appear on your list. Alternativley you can find it by going into explore books in the drop down box under books. Use the search button to locate your book.

Q. I haven't sent my books that are registered to anyone or a book drop yet, where do I go now?

A. Go to My Page and press the large button at the top which says 'You have books waiting to go'. This will take immediately to the list of books you have yet to send on the final leg of their adventure.

Q. The ISBN number I enter doesn't bring up my book?

A. Check to see if there is another bar code label (books shops occasionally add their own) obscuring the original ISBN number. If there is another label either remove it or go to the front of the book (where the publishers details are found) and you will find its original ISBN number there.

Q. It is the original ISBN number but it still doesn't register?

A. Click the No ISBN Number? button and enter the book details manually. If you are unable to take a picture of the book cover either by webcam or download (from a photograph stored within your computer), don't worry, a avatar will fill the space until you are able to do it or someone further down the travelling books route adds a picture if they have a facility. It will not stop your book's journey.

Q. If I don't have a printer how do I send my books on journeys?

A. Not a problem, you can write the following information in the book: "Follow this book's journey at I/D Number......................." on the inside page facing the cover and throughout the book. You may also copy the details 'Congratulations! You are now this book's current guardian.....etc' onto the inside cover if you wish so that the next person in the chain has some idea of what is about (this is not obligatory but doing so may help your book to journey further).