What is the
Creakle Library?

What is the
Creakle Library?

Honesty helps to maintain the Creakle Library. It creates great community spirit
and it's all FREE!

The Creakle Library is a fantastic new way to make contact, both on-line and in person, with like-minded people who enjoy the books that you do, who could introduce you to books that you never dreamed of reading and who simply love reading!

Statistics show a "catastrophic" scale of library closures in Great Britain since 2012 - the impact being that books are now less accessible.

Donating your books builds the Creakle library to provide FREE books for local communities to access. The principle reason for starting the on-line Creakle Library was to make books that we either hoard or have forgotten on our shelves at home physically available in the community for everyone and anyone to read.

As a Creakle Library member you can:

  • Organise your books
  • Create your unique on-line bookshelves to share with other members
  • Have a bookshelf dedicated to your most cherished books for future generations to enjoy.
  • Donate your book and send it on an adventure
  • Track your book, once you have donated it
  • Find a Creakle book drop
  • Nominate your own book drop
  • Start a reading group with Creakle members in your community.

Creakle book drops

You can also find Creakle books that other members have left at a book drop, which could be your local café, pub, village hall or business place etc.

Book drops are a great way to expand the Creakle Library as more people in the community will be able to join in and read books for free - why not nominate a book drop?

To enjoy the full benefits of Creakle Library you need to become a member
membership is totally FREE!