What are book drops
and literary places?

What are book drops
and literary places?

Welcome to the real, physical world of Creakle Library. Book drops and literary places are your local cafés; pubs; village halls; business premises; places of worship; book shops; libraries and venues that host literary events etc.

They hold books that Creakle members have donated to share with others in the community; book drops have been nominated by Creakle members in their local community and have the blessing of the owner.

Travelling provides the opportunity to borrow books from an entirely different location; you could either ask a friend/family member or a business owner in another area to consider becoming a book drop.

Creakle will provide promotional materials and documention.

If you are an owner/manager of a potetional book drop please register as a book drop for FREE. You will receive the benefits of a prime book drop which includes:

  • Full control over content
  • Advertising revenue
  • Photo gallery
  • Events calendar
  • Promotion of events
  • Hosting reading/writing groups

Book drops and literary places are great for making new friends, learning and socialising over a drink!