Donate a book!

Donate a book!

Honesty helps to maintain the Creakle Library. It creates great community spirit
and it's all FREE!

This is no ordinary book drop or book swap – Creakle Library is a new service where you can donate, borrow, review, discuss and track books … on-line! Through book drops Creakle Library books bring together communities who simply love reading.

As a Creakle Library member send your favourite books on an adventure around the world or around your village.

  • Donate and take to a book drop
  • Donate a book from your book collection to the online Creakle Library

Donating to a book drop
Creakle book drops are 'micro libraries'; they are your local cafés, pubs, village halls or indeed any space that allows members of the public to bring and collect books. Books that you are donating need a Creakle label. Why not nominate a place close to you to become a book drop.

Donating your books online
You can keep the books you are donating on your own online bookshelves, until you receive a request from a Creakle member. Then simply use the Creakle message service to agree book drop and collection details.

To get started sign in or become a Creakle Library member!